Who We Are


There are several factors that sets our organization apart from all others:

  • The Alliance is foremost a consulting and research firm.  Over 70% of our firm’s revenues derive from these two activities.  This contrasts with most other firms who source well over 80% of their revenues from membership and events.
  • Our DNA reflects our revenue model.  We conduct ourselves via the chronicling of this family wealth industry, so that our constituent base and consulting clients can benefit from our experience and insights.
  • As far as other 30% of revenues, it is devoted to our membership and events.  However, we are focused on the “B2B” only.  We exist via our membership and event activities to serve the firms that in turn, serve their families.  We further best practices and education, peer exchange, and the benchmarking of this industry.
  • We have chosen not to compete directly with those firms serving primarily the Single-Family Offices from a membership model standpoint.  Having said that, we have conducted and published five SFO studies, and regularly have queried these private family offices about issues such as Security and Client Reporting.  In addition, we have convened a number of SFO-only events across the U.S.
  • Consequently, we have targeted and specialized our offerings to those firms who serve the middle tier of wealth in North America – those firms serving families with a net worth from $30 million to $300 million.  No other firm specializes or knows this space better than The Family Wealth Alliance.