Who We Are

Our Results

The Alliance is proud that it has scored a number of firsts in the family wealth industry.  Below is compilation of what we have accomplished since in our founding in 2003:

  • Hosted the first conference series (Sept. of 2003 in Chicago and Feb. of 2004 in New York) that was devoted to the subject of Strategic Outsourcing
  • Released the first publically available listing and study of Multifamily Offices in North America in 2004.
  • Established the first Multifamily Office Standards in 2005.  Using a four-dimensional approach, The Alliance spoke with a clear voice as to how these firms could establish themselves as a leading family wealth provider.  The Ten Service Offerings listed in these standards are consistently referred to today as the standard bearer of what is provided to ultra-high net worth clients.
  • After releasing 24 such studies through 2018 and about to release our newest Healthcare Study in 2018, Alliance Research has established itself as the authority on North American Multifamily Offices.  We know not only who these firms are, but what they charge their clients, what their profit margins are, what they pay themselves, their thoughts about who their competition is, what their major challenges are.  We also have chronicled what they are thinking about mergers and acquisitions, how they feel about the challenges of marketplace awareness and differentiation, and the intricacies of delivering such wide-ranging services such as client reporting and security, as well as grappling with issues such as human capital and business continuity and succession.