2020 Fees & Pricing Survey



Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2020 Fees & Pricing Study!
The survey is now closed with 89 firms reporting.

Our final report will be released at the 2020 Alliance Fall Forum (October 20-23). 
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You can read about this year's study below.


Alliance Research is proud to be working with David Lincoln and his team at WISE Gateway on our 2020 Fees & Pricing in Family Wealth study. 

If your organization is North American-based and serves private clients in a Family Wealth firm (such as a Multifamily Office (MFO), Ext. CIO, Wealth Manager, Trust Company or Private Bank) and you wish to benchmark industry best practices in how and at what level you should be charging for your suite of services, then you should consider participating. If you are a single-family office (SFO), a non-investment accounting, law firm, or consultant that offers family office services or advice, then you would not be a candidate for this study.

Your Payoff

  • Strengthen your firm's pricing practices and enhance your firm's profitability.
  • Identify practices that adversely impact revenues or risk.
  • Compare your fees to those of a nationwide sample of leading firms.
  • Obtain a complimentary report of our findings.
  • Receive an invitation to attend the Alliance Fall Forum, Oct. 20-23 whereupon we will unveil the study's findings.

The survey takes about 20 minutes to complete and requires no original research or data gathering. Please read carefully our Statement of Confidentiality and Disclosure, as no information attributable to any one firm will be reported.



Alliance Statement of Confidentiality and Nondisclosure

Family Wealth Alliance, LLC (The Alliance) acknowledges the proprietary nature of the responses supplied by your firm to this survey. The Alliance agrees to treat confidentially all information provided by your firm with the exception of your organization's name as a participant. Consequently, no individual responses will be reported or attributable to your organization. Only information in the aggregate will appear in the report.

By participating in this research project and completing this questionnaire, your firm: 1) acknowledges that the questionnaire constitutes valuable confidential business information of The Alliance; and 2) agrees not to disclose the contents of the questionnaire or related materials to any person outside your organization; and 3) affirms that the information you have supplied is believed to be true and correct.