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2022 Talent & Compensation Survey


The struggle for talent in today’s marketplace is real.


We know market-calibrated compensation is critical to your talent acquisition and retention strategies (it’s why you’ve been asking us to do a family wealth compensation study for years!). But even more critical is understanding the full picture of today’s employee experience: compensation, benefits, remote work, DEI, and more. What are other family wealth firms doing to attract and retain talent – and is it working?

Open for participation until July 29th, our 2022 Talent & Compensation in Family Wealth Survey is designed to get you the answers you need.


Access the survey HERE and submit your responses by July 29

This is an in-depth survey with robust question sets for each position you are interested in benchmarking – please give yourself (or your HR lead) plenty of time to respond before the due date.


As always, your participation in the survey will grant you access to the final report, as well as exclusive follow-up commentary and insights from FWA and Grant Thornton, our research partner.


Your Payoff:

  • Obtain a complimentary report of our findings in exchange for your participation
  • Validate your firm's compensation and short-term/long-term benefits practices
  • Understand how other firms are evolving their work arrangements (not just “for now”, but forever)
  • Learn what recruitment channels - time-tested and innovative - firms are using successfully
  • Get a clearer picture of DEI initiatives across the industry
  • Enhance your firm’s employee value proposition
  • Non-Members: Receive an invitation to attend The Alliance’s 2022 Fall Forum, Oct. 18-20, where we will unveil our findings and share our insights, best practices, and industry trends (first come, first served; non-member rates apply)


Who’s suitable to participate?  Any firm operating within the family wealth sphere who wishes to benchmark their talent and compensation practices, including MFOs, External CIOs, high-end wealth advisory firms, trust companies, and the family office branches of private banks, accounting, law, and consulting practices. Professionally run SFOs with 25+ households are also eligible.


Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure: Given the sensitive nature of the information your firm is being asked to share, all survey responses will be reported in the aggregate only. Participating firms will be listed; their individual responses will not. A complete Statement of Confidentiality and Disclosure is included at the beginning of our survey and at the bottom of this page.


Questions? Email Brandelynn Perry, Senior Director of Strategic Planning:


We appreciate your participation and look forward to sharing our results and insights later this year.


Alliance Statement of Confidentiality and Nondisclosure

Family Wealth Alliance, LLC (The Alliance) acknowledges the proprietary nature of the responses supplied by your firm to this survey. The Alliance agrees to treat confidentially all information provided by your firm with the exception of your organization's name as a participant. Consequently, no individual responses will be reported or attributable to your organization. Only information in the aggregate will appear in the summary report.

By participating in this research project and completing this questionnaire, your firm: 1) acknowledges that the questionnaire constitutes valuable confidential business information of The Alliance; and 2) agrees not to disclose the contents of the questionnaire or related materials to any person outside your organization; and 3) affirms that the information you have supplied is believed to be true and correct.