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A community built on excellence.

Experience the true power of peer-to-peer connections between professionals serving the dynamic multifamily wealth industry.
Whether your firm is an established multifamily office, a wealth management firm evolving toward an UHNW client base, a complex and multi-generational single family office, or something in between, we welcome you!

The Family Wealth Alliance is the only membership organization exclusively focused on North American multifamily wealth firms. We are strictly B2B and do not target private families, avoiding competing constituencies. Our mission is to connect best-in-class family wealth firms with everything they need to thrive in the complex UHNW landscape and serve their clients at the highest level.



  What types of firms are eligible for membership?  



Our criteria are based on our 2020 MFO Standards. Firms beneath AUM/AUA thresholds may still be eligible for membership based on total assets, service offering, depth of experience, growth strategy, and/or niche client focus. Firms must be based in North America. 


If you serve the family wealth industry in a different capacity, visit our Sponsorship page to learn about alternative engagement opportunities.


  What are the benefits of membership?  


Members of The Family Wealth Alliance receive personalized support and guidance from industry veterans and peers who understand your unique challenges. For over twenty years, FWA has cultivated a thriving community built on an abundance mentality and shared values. We prioritize meaningful connections over passing touch points because we believe in the power of relationships.



We believe in an abundance mentality that fosters collaborative relationships built on generosity, participation, and mutual respect.


We build intentional relationships and make it a priority to stay in touch with our community's needs, interests, and challenges.


Everything we do is member driven.
Our industry is constantly evolving, and we evolve alongside it. We embrace change as an opportunity for creativity and growth.


We are completely custodian-neutral. We tailor our services to meet each firm’s unique needs and goals, ensuring they receive the support they need to thrive.



Collaborate with FWA leadership to plan your customized member experience, including:


Facilitated introductions to peers, thought leaders, and mentors

Opportunities to build new tactical and strategic partnerships


A strong contact network (no matter how complex the client issue, our network has the expertise to help you solve it!)

Intimate Alliance Events featuring peer-driven content and a collegial atmosphere unlike anything else in the industry


Access to over twenty years' worth of Alliance Research study reports and benchmarking

An on-demand library of past event recordings, webinar series, and other content only available at FWA


Alliance Forte, our members-only virtual rolodex of specialized service providers for firms and client families recommended by the FWA network

Avenues to build firm visibility and recognition through speaking opportunities, thought leadership distribution and promotion, and bi-annual awards


Tailored educational and development opportunities through our Young Professionals Network and DEI Working Group


Invitation-only peer groups and Leader Roundtables where executives can work through challenges in a collaborative, confidential environment


  How can our firm get involved?  


For qualified family wealth firms, we offer an array of opportunities to engage. Non-members can experience The Family Wealth Alliance at our summer and fall events or participate in our annual benchmarking studies. Sign up for our free monthly newsletter, The Alliance Communique, below and never miss a chance to get involved! When you're ready to fully immerse yourself in our vibrant community, you have the option to apply for a firm-wide membership. Get in touch with us and we'll guide you towards the perfect fit.


Curious to hear from firms who have already experienced the transformative power of FWA? We're happy to provide member references upon request, so you can hear firsthand about the positive impact membership has had on their firms.