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We Connect You.


We connect you with ideas, peers, and organizations.  The ideas brought forth by Alliance Research and leading experts in our network can make a difference in your business. By connecting you with peers and leaders, they can inspire you to improve what you already do best.  And by connecting you with organizations, you can discover ways to better deliver your services, as well as to grow your business.  By connecting you in these three ways, you will continually up your game.

We attract and retain relationships with those who share our core value: We Place Families First, ensuring the connections you make by investing in our community are meaningful and productive. Founded in 2003, The Family Wealth Alliance primarily serves a North American client base and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, USA.


It's about more than just great benefits.

It's a community built on our core values.


We believe there is a better way to connect businesses serving families. A more valuable, less invasive way where connections made are meaningful and clients are earned rather than bought. This is not just a membership organization, it’s an empowering community of professionals transforming the wealth management industry.


There are several factors that set our organization apart:

  1. We make you feel welcome by creating a comfortable, peer-to-peer atmosphere that permits successfully furthering key relationships.
  2. We are strictly B2B (business to business), in that we only serve the firms that in turn, serve their private families.  Consequently, we do not have a baked-in conflict of having private families in the same room as the firms who serve them.
  3. We are the only organization to target mid-market family wealth firms who primarily serve families (net worth of $30 million to $500 million) including Multifamily Offices, Single-Family Offices, External CIO Firms, Family Office practices of Law and Accounting Firms as well as other types of family wealth firms.
  4. We have a terrific core and scope of organizations in our network who are active with us at various levels.  These family wealth firms in our network serve approximately 7,000 private families, totaling about $2.5 trillion of assets under advisement.
  5. We are selective about who we invite to get involved and be present at our events. Our events are intimate and purposeful - attracting and retaining true leaders in the industry.  If you are seeking a large auditorium filled with hundreds of attendees you couldn't possibly meet in a 2-day event, then we’re not the organization for you.


Paving The Way

The Alliance is proud that it has scored a number of firsts in the family wealth industry: 

  •        Hosted the first conference series (Sept. of 2003 in Chicago and Feb. of 2004 in New York) that was devoted to the subject of Strategic Outsourcing,

  • Released the first public listing and study of Multifamily Offices in North America in 2004.
  • Established the first Multifamily Office Standards in 2005.  Using a four-dimensional approach, The Alliance spoke to how these firms could establish themselves as a leading family wealth provider.  The Ten Service Offerings listed in these standards are consistently referred to today as the standard bearer of what is provided to ultra-high net worth clients.
  • After releasing 24 such studies through 2018, Alliance Research has established itself as the authority on North American Multifamily Offices.  We know who these firms are and their fees, profit margins, salaries, major challenges and thoughts about who their competition is.       


A Comprehensive Approach to Connecting You

You have several options to get involved with The Alliance.  You can à la carte some of our events, sample our content, and participate in our webinars.  You can elect to join as a member, if you are invited and qualify as a family wealth firm.  If you are a select provider of services to family wealth firms, you can elect to either sponsor or even become an Alliance Partner firm. 

To discover which option is best for you, we invite you to submit an Inquiry Form.  We would be honored to have you join our community and look forward to talking with you!


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

We are committed to helping you maximize the return to your business. Since 2003, our integrity and structure has produced a thriving constituent base. According to our members, these are the top 3 reasons to join The Alliance:

  1. Receive unwavering support from a collaborative network of peers

  2. Be at the epicenter of thinking about best practices and solutions, allowing you to have a sustainable, competitive advantage and at the core, supporting you to serve your clients best
  3. Meet and engage with true peers on the Alliance Portal and at our invitation-only gatherings


In addition to the testimonials below, member references are available upon request. 

“I value the education I receive from the Alliance. I feel through the education, I am able to ask better questions and learn about the Family Wealth Landscape.”

“When you walk into an Alliance Event, you always feel welcomed. As a first-time attendee, I was surprised at how easily I was able to begin building relationships.”