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2022 Wrap Up



Looking back at our highest rated and most popular videos of 2022
Thank you to all the industry thought leaders who contributed to our collective learning and growth this year!



The Power of Women Investors
Andrea Turner Moffitt, Amy Michaliszyn

Our opening keynote from the Inaugural Elevating Women in Family Wealth event was a hit among attendees. Andrea Turner Moffitt is a national thought leader on women investors. In this session, Andrea discussed key findings from her book and research, how women around the world wield tremendous economic power that remains mostly untapped, and her observations building an investment firm centered around intentional investing and engaging women investors.


Finding Purpose:
Going Beyond 'Helping the Rich Get

Brian Portnoy, Shaping Wealth

Brian Portnoy, Ph.D, CFA, one of the world’s leading experts on the psychology of money, led a session that resonated with 2022 Fall Forum attendees. In his bestselling book, The Geometry of Wealth, Dr. Portnoy defines true wealth as “funded contentment,” or the ability to underwrite a meaningful life. Brian shared the dimensions of this "funded contentment" and how they can be applied to the search for purpose and fulfillment, both in our personal lives and at work.


Cultivating Female Leaders:
How to Elevate & Retain Women in the Workplace

Linda Sanchez, David Hodnett, Jennifer Murtie, Lynne Born

We hear often that Alliance members are looking for ways to support women in their firm and foster environments that are conducive to raising up female leaders. This session from the Elevating Women in Family Wealth event showcased how different family offices executives are attracting, supporting, promoting, and retaining women on their teams.


Hearing Their Voice:
A Panel of Young Professionals

Victor Abiamiri, Lauren Wood, Michael Clark, Abigail George

At the 2022 Fall Forum, we honored 25 rising stars in the industry with the Alliance Young Professionals Award. For this session, we heard directly from some of those winners: why they are staying in their current roles, what keeps them motivated, what they value, how they find purpose at work, and what they plan to do as rising leaders to attract and retain future talent on their teams


The Lost Art of Connecting
Susan McPherson, Deb Wetherby

Susan McPherson, self proclaimed "serial connector" and author of The Lost Art of Connecting, explains in her book how we can make every relationship (including colleague and client relationships) meaningful and rewarding.


Alliance Talks: Level Reverse Mentor Program
with Tolleson Wealth Management

Royce Ramey, Meredith Storey

Royce and Meredith from Tolleson Wealth Management share their firm's interesting approach to mentoring by "reversing the roles", with junior staff mentoring firm leadership. This initiative has had a positive impact on the individuals and the firm culture as a whole.


Alliance Talks: Cultivating a Culture of Leadership
with Lord Abbett

Kristen Maple

Kristen Maple, Chief Impact Officer at Lord Abbett, joins Rachel Hyman to discuss her firm's journey to creating an incredible culture of leadership development and purpose across their organization.


Alliance Talks: Insights from the Voice of the Client Survey with Clearwater Capital Partners
John Sleeting, Katie Berganske, Tyler Beachler 

In 2022, firms participating in our industry-first Voice of the Client Survey began to see their results! Clearwater Capital Partners, an early adopter of this initiative, shared their insights, takeaways, and tangible action items they are pursuing in light of this new data. 


Quarterly Conversations: 
Navigating Hard Conversations with Families

Amanda Koplin, Joanna Gordon Martin, Nicki Colosi-Trilling

This year, we connected with members virtually through our quarterly webinar series. Our highest attended webinar focused on difficult conversations - part and parcel of the business of working with people. This session highlights speakers with two different perspectives that come up while working with families: mental health care and advising aging populations


Risk Management Spotlight: 
The P&C Marketplace and Your Options

Bob Donnelly, Steve Poux

In Q3, we dove into risk management and approached it from a few different perspectives. This interview highlights the current P&C marketplace and updates advisors on what they need to know.



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