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 Looking back at our highest rated and most popular videos of 2023

Thank you to all the industry thought leaders 
who contributed to our collective learning and growth this year!





Trends & Forces Shaping Family Wealth

Tom Livergood


Tom Livergood provides an overview of the family wealth landscape, competition, and major trends in client demographics, demands, assets, and services, including insights from The Family Wealth Alliance 2023 Landscape of Family Wealth Survey.



Social Fitness Table Discussions
 Alex Kirby


Join Alex Kirby, CEO of Total Family Management, for an interactive session focused on the art and science of Social Fitness. This workshop aims to go beyond professional titles and dig deep into the importance of meaningful relationships in our lives. Through engaging discussions and hands-on exercises, you'll explore how to nurture connections that truly matter, both personally and professionally. As we lead into a networking lunch, you'll leave equipped with actionable insights to be more intentional about the relationships you cultivate during the event and beyond.


Navigating Aging Clients
John Samuels, Laura Patterson, Sara Constantine


In this webinar, we will explore the legal, medical, and financial aspects of aging clients and discuss when and how to raise your hand for help. Our panel includes both legal and medical experts specializing in this area who will share their insights and experiences collaborating with advisors to support aging clients. Join us for an informative and practical discussion about the overlap of legal, financial, and medical care for aging clients. By taking a “village approach” and leveraging the expertise of outside professionals, you can help ensure your clients receive the support and care they need as they age.


Different Perspectives:

Family Office Ownership Models
Matthew Fleissig, Rob Francais, Loraine Tsavaris


Family offices come in many different shapes and sizes. At the foundation of each is its ownership model which has a tremendous impact on core business functions including culture, agility, service models, pricing, and sustainability. There are various structures in the industry, each unique, but most include some combination of shared ownership among employees, clients, and private equity investors. In this session we will hear from two industry veterans each with a unique model. We will discuss why they chose that model and the impact it has on employees, clients, and the overall business.


Engaged Healthy, Wealthy & Wise
Covie Edwards-Pitt


In this session, Covie Edwards-Pitt will share takeaways from her new book, Engaged Healthy, Wealthy & Wise: lessons from inheritors and their significant others on how they have navigated love and family wealth and forged their own joint path. After conducting 50+ interviews over two years, she was blown away by the perspective of young people who are rarely asked for their views by an industry that is employed largely by their parents’ generation. What better way to reimagine our work than to connect to the perspective of the inheriting generation and learn from them how their lives have been impacted by the wealth advising strategies we so routinely recommend.


2024 Political Outlook

& the Potential Impact on Family Offices

Mike Townsend


Heading into 2024 we are looking down the tunnel of another presidential election. This, coupled with an economy that continues to see turbulation will make for an interesting year in our industry. In this session, Michael Townsend will discuss the latest developments and potential impact key policies, regulatory proposals, and the upcoming election may have on the family office industry. He will also cover how these policies may affect the markets and client’s portfolios and what that means for your firm.


A Look at Working Women in 2023
 Megan Ann Greenfield, Lucy Pérez


Working women face significant headwinds that contribute to fewer women, particularly women of color, in the C-suite. Join us in a discussion of the Women in the Workplace report, the largest study on the state of women in corporate America, by and McKinsey & Company. While progress has been made on gender equality, retaining women remains a challenge. In this session we will hear concrete actions companies can take to retain and advance women and build more equitable and inclusive workplaces.


Nurturing the Next Generation of Female Advisors
Cate Luzio, Leslie Tabor, Gabrielle Bailey and Meeta Yadava


It’s no secret this industry has traditionally been dominated by men; however, the landscape is shifting. When it comes to looking towards the next generation of advisors, it will be important for firms to build and nurture an internal pipeline of diverse female leaders in their firms at every level. This session will discuss how wealth advisors have a unique opportunity to engage in mentoring and allyship to help support the growth and development of female advisors and promote diversity in the industry.


Resilient Pricing Models
Thierry Brunel, Mark Rogozinski, Rocio Ortega, Tom Livergood 


This is a very challenging business. Pricing at a competitive fee level that allows each relationship to be sustainably profitable, while consistently delivering a high-level client experience, is not easy. It is critical to have a fee/business model the firm can confidently rely upon. In this session we will hear from industry veterans known for their expertise on establishing resilient pricing. They will discuss strategies for raising fees, impact of firm structure on pricing, trends impacting your fees, and ways to increase margins.


Harness the Power of Money Psychology

to Better Serve Women

Kathleen Burns Kingsbury


This session explores the psychology of women and wealth, and how gender influences financial decision-making, money competence and confidence, and communication skills. Discover why women want emotionally intelligent advisors and how to engage them in meaningful conversations that foster trust and loyalty. Walk away with tactics for better serving women and their families today and into the future.


2022 Talent and Compensation Study Findings

Tom Livergood, Eric Gonzaga, Ken Cameron


We know market-calibrated compensation is critical to your talent acquisition and retention strategies (it’s why you’ve been asking us to do a family wealth compensation study for years!). But even more critical is understanding the full picture of today’s employee experience: compensation, benefits, remote work, DEI, and more. What are other family wealth firms doing to attract and retain talent – and is it working?

The 2022 Talent & Compensation Study of 92 family wealth firms captures the state of talent management and compensation in the family wealth industry. Join Tom Livergood, and our research partners at Grant Thornton for a conversation on their findings from the newly released study.






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