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COVID-19: Family Wealth Resource Center

COVID-19 Family Wealth Resource Center




COVID-19 and the Family Wealth Industry: May 2020 Report

Thank you to the more than 100 family wealth professionals who contributed their insights and experiences to our May 2020 COVID-19 Survey. Survey results and analysis can be found in the report below. We are pleased to offer this complimentary report to Alliance members and non-members during this unprecedented time.




Back to the Office? Part II: The Return of On-Site Employees

David Lincoln (Partner, WISE Gateway) speaks with Michael Kossman (COO and CCO, Aspiriant) and Drew McMorrow (President and CEO, Ballentine Partners) on the myriad considerations involved in bringing employees back to the office.


Back to the Office? Part I: When & How

Firms have their work cut out for them navigating when and how to bring employees back to the office – especially firms with offices in multiple regions of the country. In this webinar, Tom Livergood, CEO of The Family Wealth Alliance, and Harry O’Mealia, CEO of 1919 Investment Council, discuss how advisors feel about getting back to work and the difficult decisions ahead of firm leadership.


COVID-19 & the Economy: What's Next?

As COVID-19 continues to spread, the economic damage is mounting. Watch our webinar from June 5th, 2020 with the CIOs of Cresset and Pitcairn on the pandemic’s economic impact, recent policies, and the recovery timeline.

Rick Pitcairn, Chief Investment Officer of Pitcairn and Jack Ablin, Chief Investment Officer and Founding Partner of Cresset share their insights on the U.S. economy, including:

  • Expansion of US manufacturing to take control of critical and strategic products
  • Solutions for ballooning pension deficits
  • Reducing portfolio risks
  • Investment opportunities and challenges

COVID-19 Testing: Possibilities and Challenges

Dr. Joel Brill discusses the current status of COVID-19 testing, treatment, and containment. Joel explains how to identify FDA-authorized COVID-19 antibody tests and shares insights on the current state of diagnostics, antibody testing, and vaccine development.


Delivering Your Virtual Family Office Client Experience

Like all industries, the family office community has been forced to pivot to exclusively virtual client service in just two months. What impact is this having on the high-touch client experience firms have worked so hard to perfect? In this on-demand webinar, we revisit the crowd-favorite Client Experience panel from our 2020 Alliance Summit in light of the recent crisis. Hear Matter Family Office and Brown Advisory discuss how family offices can maintain and enhance their client experience in this new virtual normal.


COVID-19 and Election Year Wealth Transfer Strategies

Depressed prices, lower interest rates, and an election year: these economic shake-ups are creating unique wealth transfer opportunities for advisors and their clients. Listen to this on-demand webinar to hear experts from Day Pitney, Mazars, and BNY Mellon Wealth Management discuss adaptive solutions for private clients, scenario planning depending upon election results, and what should be done now vs. post-election.


COVID-19 and Household Staff: What Clients and Their Advisors Need to Know

Busy households and properties can be difficult to manage without a national crisis, but the easy transfer of infection with COVID-19 combined with the need for daily service staff and property vendors can be highly emotional and exhausting for many homeowners. 

Watch this webinar with Teresa Leigh on how to identify and mitigate risk and liability regarding domestic staff and property vendors.

  • Lowering risk of infection in the home
  • Oversight of staff in vacant properties
  • To staff or not to staff

Hidden Gems in the CARES Act for Family Offices

Watch this on-demand webinar with Dan Rahill, Wintrust Wealth Services, who addresses key provisions of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act). Dan provides a high-level overview of the provisions most relevant to family offices contained in the Act, including:
-    employee retention tax credits,
-    payroll tax deferral
-    retirement accounts, 
-    tax changes, and
-    small business loans or benefits


Managing Clients Through Crisis

More than half of advisors we’ve surveyed have reported struggling to calm clients during this crisis. When faced with stressful situations, some clients will act irrationally. Listen to this recorded webinar with experts from DNA Behavior discuss different client behavioral styles and how you can handle each one. Walk away from this session with a cheat sheet on how to identify potential reactions, navigate concerns, and mitigate stress.


Q&A with Dr. Chris Sidford: Part II

In this 60-minute webinar, Christopher provides an overview of COVID-19 and answers attendee questions, including but not limited to:
•    Updated status of the virus
•    Expectations for the coming days, weeks, and months in the U.S.
•    How to continue to protect yourself, clients, and families during prolonged quarantine 

Christopher is the Founder, CEO and Medical Director of Black Bag: Emergency Global Medicine, a private emergency medical consultancy for individuals, families, and corporate executives who travel the globe.


Personal & Cyber Security Concerns

With multiple assets across the country – or across the world – and family offices now working remotely, it’s critical to know the immediate response actions necessary to protect people, assets and interests. 

On March 27th we spoke with Steve Bova, physical and cyber security expert and Vice President, Private Client and Family Office Services at Hillard Heintze. Steve provided insight and answers to the questions top-of-mind for families and family offices:
•    Addressing cyber risks and strengthening cyber security related to remote office environments 
•    Best practices for spotting and preventing cyber-attacks that seek to exploit the pandemic mindset
•    Identifying and mitigating the major security risks that are heightened during the crisis
•    Developing and implementing emergency response plans and disaster recovery actions
•    Safeguarding residences and readying the family for physical relocation procedures


Q&A with Dr. Chris Sidford: Part I

Are you fielding calls from worried clients asking questions about COVID-19 you aren’t sure how to answer? In this 60-minute webinar, Chris provides an overview of COVID-19 and responds to attendee questions, including but not limited to:
•    Myths vs. facts
•    Expectations for the coming days, weeks, and months in the U.S.
•    How to prepare for prolonged quarantine 

Christopher is the Founder, CEO and Medical Director of Black Bag: Emergency Global Medicine, a private emergency medical consultancy for individuals, families, and corporate executives who travel the globe. 




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