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  Join FWA for a look at today's philanthropy space from the perspectives of our members and partners. We're excited to partner with experts from Schwab Charitable, Give Team, Croland Consulting, Women Moving Millions, Fiduciary Trust Charitable and Foundation Source to help elevate different facets of this important topic. Below, you'll find thought leadership and resources for your consideration when engaging your clients in strategic philanthropy.  

5 Interesting Facts about Donor-Advised Funds

While donor-advised funds (DAF) have been around for many decades, their popularity has particularly taken off over the last ten years. Acting as a charitable “checking account,” donors receive a tax benefit upon making a donation to their DAF. The money is usually invested inside the DAF, growing tax-free, while donors decide which IRS-registered 501(c)3 entities to support. This often increases the total amount available for charity. Here are 5 interesting facts you should know about DAFs if you’re supporting clients.





Starting Philanthropic Conversations with your Clients

Utilize the Giving Guide and Advisor Guide to the Guide for starting a more strategic philanthropy conversation where there is new interest in a more formal plan or to gauge interest with your clients on philanthropic giving. The Guide provides educational content and activities to help donors set and achieve their philanthropic goals.

Topics include:

  • Find your focus
  • Involve your family
  • Set a giving budget
  • Find organizations to support
  • Refine your plan over time
  • Define your gift's terms




The Superpowers of Women in Family Philanthropy

We all know women who have superpowers when it comes to solving challenging internal and external problems.

Rosa Rios, Treasurer of the United States in the Obama Administration, is one of those. Keynoting the Women’s Philanthropy Institute Symposium in March, Rios talked about money. No surprise there. But she wasn’t talking about monetary value, she talked about the images on our bills and in the archives of the U.S. Treasury. She talked about modeling success for girls by ensuring that at least one of the faces peeking off a bill, was that of a woman. {continue this article here]





Making the Case: Why Talking about Philanthropy with your Clients is Good for Business

Americans are a generous and charitable bunch—your clients included! Yet most advisors don’t have an effective framework for meeting client expectations around their charitable strategy. In this competitive environment, planners can’t afford to neglect this topic. Let’s start by understanding why it’s good for business, good for clients, and good for society to talk about philanthropy with your clients. [continue this article here]





Tips for The Talk

Wealth advisors know that high-net-worth clients typically look to them for guidance around their charitable giving. That's why conversations around philanthropy are becoming increasingly commonplace - especially during year-end client meetings. However, there's a big difference between "having a conversation" and having a productive conversation. [continue the article here]





Family Philanthropy Guide Books and Road Maps

Passing values on to younger generations through philanthropy can help maximize charitable impact and extend a donor's legacy. Many donors are looking for ways to introduce these conversations and connect their family in a meaningful giving strategy that involves the whole family.

This series of guide books, road maps and videos developed by National Center for Family Philanthropy can help donors involve other family members as they plan for meaningful, effective philanthropy together.

  • Finding your purpose – webcast replay
  • Choosing your vehicles – webcast replay
  • Choosing your social impact strategies
  • Planning for legacy and succession
  • Strengthening governance and family dynamics




Protecting Your Endowment Gift

Establishing an endowment gift to support a nonprofit cause that is important to you can be an excellent way to have a lasting impact. However, given that endowments are long term in nature, circumstances can change with the receiving nonprofit down the road that could put your generous gift at risk. Therefore, it is important to understand the potential hazards of endowment gifts, and consider options to mitigate them before funding one. [continue this article here]





Foundation Planning Guide

95% of high-net-worth individuals actively give back to society, largely through traditional philanthropy.* As an important part of their wealth planning, they look to you, their advisor, for guidance on these charitable goals and activities.

This guide will help you identify client scenarios where a private foundation may be the right solution for your clients’ planning needs. 





The Opportunity of Women's Philanthropic Leadership

There is substantial, established evidence of the transformative ripple effects of investing in women and girls, whether by closing the wage gap, increasing women’s share of leadership roles, or ensuring girls’ access to education. We all stand to benefit from a world where women and girls can thrive.

Yet just 1.9% of the over $400B in U.S. charitable giving goes directly to organizations that serve women and girls, and the number shrinks further for women and girls of color. We are falling woefully short of adequately resourcing the movement for equality. [continue this article here]




Additional Resources:


  1. Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society (PACS) Effective Philanthropy Learning Initiative
  2. Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation – a venture fund that applies the same rigor to social investments that they would to others. They are structured as a 501c3 so eligible for grants from the DAF and a great way to connect donors with social entrepreneurs, charities, causes and other donors.
  3. Research paper on issue funds – There are different kinds of collectives and varying areas of focus from broad to very specific. These are typically eligible for grants from a DAF account and a great way to learn about projects and meet like-minded donors.