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2019 WealthTech Symposium

Technology That Enhances the Human Touch

The role of Family Wealth Advisor demands the uniquely human ability to synthesize a client’s individual, family and business needs into a cohesive strategy for managing family dynamics and wealth.   The Advisor listens to intimate personal issues, serves as a liaison across generations in family meetings, and solves for challenges ranging from the objective to the emotional.  Such contextual relationships cannot be automated. 

Yet all around us, digitized advice and process automation are combining to produce efficient and cost-effective financial planning solutions for clients.  Information can be produced on-demand, and delivered wherever, whenever and however the client chooses.  

Some believe this evolving tech-enabled playing field will render the role of the human Advisor obsolete.  We see a very different and promising future unfolding.

Advisors aren’t be replaced, they’re being re-priced. 

Technology cannot replace the human touch.  Paradoxically, the ubiquity of technology is enabling Advisors to customize their service offerings and personalize the client experience to a degree that was previously not possible.  Propelling this trend are exciting advances in the field of behavioral science that are enhancing Advisors’ ability to derive increasingly sophisticated, personalized client insights and discern unspoken client needs like never before.

In short, as technology augments the Advisor’s tool kit across the value chain, those willing to embrace these cutting-edge resources stand to gain a disproportionally large slice of a growing economic pie in years to come. 

Better Client Solutions, Better Client Service, More Durable Client Relationships

Please join us in Chicago on June 13 to meet the businesses offering solutions your clients want – and your firm needs.  Join the conversation about how you can enhance your most important (and sustainable) deliverable: your relationship with your clients.


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Who should attend: This is an event for wealth management executives and Alliance Member and Partner firms.

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1Family Wealth Alliance defines a wealth management executive to be any individual employed by an MFO, SFO, RIA, Ext. CIO, law or accounting firm and serving HNW clients.


This event is brought to you in partnership with TriState Capital Bank.







The Trifecta of Disruption - How Technology, Innovation and the Quest for Scalability Are Changing Wealth Management

Robos aren't replacing human Advisors - they’re repricing them. There is growing acceptance that WealthTech solutions are automating much of the traditional deliverables offered by Advisors.   We take a closer look at the myths – and the realities – of the current state of the industry.



Technology Solution Demonstrations


Future of WealthTech: Customization, AR, VR, and Gamification

Shifting client expectations, increased demand for self-serve solutions, and growing competition from automated alternatives among the Millennial generation and high-net-worth clients alike are producing an abundance of solutions in the marketplace. Gamification, Augmented Reality (AR) and VR tools are creating opportunities ranging from training programs for Advisors to goals-based planning for clients.   We peak into the future to see where the industry is headed.



Peer Group Networking Lunch


Applying WealthTech: Lessons from your peers 

Join us in a conversation with WealthTech solutions providers and industry peers.  We’ll explore where available technologies can deliver family wealth firms the greatest bang for their buck and which solutions can be readily integrated into existing service models.



Technology Solution Demonstrations


Climbing to New HNW Heights - Why Relationships Will Win in the Age of Digital Advice

Algorithms can’t comprehend the intricacies of your clients’ lives.  They can, however, make you more efficient, more effective, and more insightful than you ever imagined! Embracing technology will free you to focus on and enhance how you manage your client relationships – the most sophisticated, complex and necessary piece of the puzzle – and one that can’t be automated.



Algorithms don’t have feelings: Using behavioral science to deepen relationships with clients and grow your firm

Advances in the study of human behavior have the potential to rock the family wealth industry to its core, and we’re not just talking about predictive analytics.   The next generation of behavioral science tools measure a client’s communication style, spending and goal-setting behaviors, risk profile and behavioral biases.  For firms that use it, the technology not only matches advisors with clients based on a personality best fit, but also trains Advisors how to communicate with that client in the way that ensures they will be “heard.”








Speakers, sessions and times subject to change. 

The Union League Club of Chicago
65 W. Jackson Blvd.
Chicago, Illinois 60604


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B2B WealthTech Solutions

Live demonstrations of the following technology solutions will be available during the event.


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Firms interested in sponsorship opportunities at the Alliance 2019 WealthTech Symposium are encouraged to contact Brooke Morimoto, Director, Strategic Programs, at brooke@fwalliance.com.

A limited number of sponsorships will be made available, and firms will be selected based on the relevancy of the solution to our constituency and their reputation for service quality.

Sponsors will enjoy:

  • Product Demo Opportunities
  • Onsite Networking Opportunities 
  • Introductions 
  • Brand awareness 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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