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Family Office Technology at a Crossroads

Family Office Technology at a Crossroads




There is a saying in the financial management industry: “If you’ve seen one family office, you’ve seen one family office.” No two are alike. The services that a family office provides are both extensive and highly customized. Rarely do clients hear the word “no,” because each office reflects the individuals it serves. To be responsive to their clients, family offices need a customized technology solution that meets their specific requirements—enabling them to combine personalized service with efficiency and scalability.


While family offices vary, they face common challenges. For example, many family offices are looking for ways to do their work faster, better, and more efficiently—and
improved technology is often the answer. Integrated technology has become much more important for addressing issues such as:

• Systems that do not communicate with each other
• Information that must be manually rekeyed into multiple systems and spreadsheets
• Extensive reconciliation required to arrive at a single source of the truth

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