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Quality, Personal Service is Still an Option

Quality, Personal Service is Still an Option
09 Jul 2018 by Brooke Morimoto


In the world of “bigger is better,” it is hard to argue the toll this has taken on good, old-fashioned customer service. The type of service where the person who answers the phone not only knows you, but recognizes your voice. A service-oriented person who understands your business and business needs. The type of person where your success is also his or her success.


As a fund administrator in the alternative investment space, we are in a unique position to work with all of the various service providers engaged by the asset manager or family office. In order to service an investment fund, we must liaise with legal firms, audit and tax firms, banks, brokers, etc. We have been witness to the degradation of personalized service across all type of businesses where consolidations have created mammoth size companies.


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